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Played it with my 6 year old. Got after a legendary mermaid, which was the former queen of the mermaid queendom, turned into a monster. We managed to get her back to her queendom.

The system works well and the prompts led us to fun and interesting scenes.

I'll get back to it with a more grim tone later, I think. 

Just two small things : what happens when I get back onto a revealed card ? And what happens if the card has been revealed (through another card like the satellite) and I get on it?

Hey Nicolas,

We’re so happy that you fun with the game! It has made our day hearing your feedback.

Thank you for also pointing out that we need to clarify the actions required when landing on a pre-flipped card. The intention was that you get to decide wether you want to perform the action on a pre-flipped card but I think we’ll push an update to make things a little more explicit. 

We’ll update the PDF to state that, if you return to a card that you have previously activated, you can choose if you want to repeat it or not.

We'll also look to update the card actions that reveal other cards to allow you to see the values and then turn them back to being face down instead of leaving them facing up.

Thank you for playing!

Dale & Peter