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Are encounters meant to be rolled for every agent entering a room? Or one roll as a group? What if there are two (or more) groups in different variants?

I rolled only when the agent holding the doll moved, and it seemed to be the right difficulty. Was that correct?

We intended it to be when the agent with the doll moved as it made more thematic sense, so you were correct! I hope you enjoyed running it, let us know if you have any feedback.

This adventure has one of the most interesting dungeoncrawl layouts I have ever seen. It's intuitive and perfectly captures a house which is folding in on itself.



Dollhouse is a FIST scenario with a distinctly SCP vibe, in that the players are attempting to neutralize an extremely weird and cursed object.

The PDF is 2 pages, designed for use as a trifold. The text is clear and tightly packed, and it's easy to read. The adventure map is weird and complicated, but it helps to make sense of a weird and complicated situation, and it's extremely creative in how it's organized and presented.

Contents-wise, in this scenario the players enter a normal living room that is in fact an extradimensional maze with a weird doll at the center. Interacting with different parts of the living room transports them to different versions of the living room, all with their own unique, creepy, and/or dangerous features.

There's a *strong* liminal vibe to the scenario and a great sense of pacing. One the PCs have found the object they're supposed to extract, the house turns extremely hostile, and there's a great sense of dread followed by terror as the module concludes.

Overall, I think this must be one of the most creative and compact scenarios I've seen---both for FIST and for other systems. In fact, I think you could use Dollhouse in just about any modern horror game and it would shine bright. Absolutely pick this up if you get the chance.

Minor Issues:

-Are the encounters meant to trigger when the FIST team picks up the doll? Or is it implying the doll might simply leave its place in 25:65? I think it might be the former, but I had to puzzle over this for a while.


Thank you for the detailed feedback, I thought i’d replied but looks like it never posted! 

I intended encounters to start once the FIST team carried the doll out of its room.