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SHRIEK is a small-town, one-shot scenario for FIST.

Long ago a foolish knight trapped a banshee in the dungeons of Deathchester castle. Imprisoned for centuries, the banshee turned into a vengeful monster. All others in the dungeon were soon corrupted by it, twisted into bloodthirsty ghouls.

Generations of the Village Committee maintained the magics that hold these creatures in their cells. But a Cyclops team researching local legends unwittingly broke the wards on the dungeons, unleashing the centuries old horrors within.

A Cyclops reaction force is on the way, but they won’t arrive for 12 hours. Your FIST team is all we have in the area. Stop the Banshee from falling into Cyclops’ hands and escape before they arrive.


  • 15 page digital zine
  • 1 horrifying banshee
  • Hordes of corrupted ghouls
  • Relatively helpless villagers
  • 6 cheerfully bleak British locations
  • A Cyclops reaction force on the way
  • Space for the referee / players to get creative


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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