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A 2-act operation for FIST.

The nefarious villain Le Méchant is plotting to achieve world domination. With all the other agents mysteriously killed, only you, the questionably competent Agent and your Sidekicks are left to save the world.

  • 16-page zine
  • 3-5 players (1 referee, 1 Agent, 1-3 sidekicks)
  • A cast of evil henchmen and foot soldiers
  • Gadgets
  • A lost pet

Act 1: The Wheel of Fame 

Our heroes will infiltrate a casino looking for intel. They’ll attempt to maintain their cover while searching for clues. Things definitely won’t descend into a shootout with celebrity robots.

Act 2: Volcano Base

The heroes will need to infiltrate (or escape being locked up) in the Volcano Base -  an underground lair riddled with guards, automatons and traps. Will they stop the plot and defeat Le Méchant in a dramatic showdown with a giant robot? Or will everything explode into an enormous fireball? Why not both!


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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the-only-agent-left-player-sheet-agent.pdf 17 kB
the-only-agent-left-player-sheet-sidekick.pdf 16 kB
the-only-agent-left-player-sheet.pdf 20 kB

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The Only Agent Left is a FIST hack where most of the players are sidekicks trying to carry one incompetent James Bond to victory.

The PDF is 11 pages, with a well-organized layout and a pastel color scheme.

Contents-wise, this is a fantastic concept and the writing leans straight in. The James Bond can never fully succeed on tasks, but the sidekicks get War Dice when he takes credit for their actions.

The included mission is also very cleverly designed, with side objectives, branching paths, ways to gets back on track if the party fails something critical, innovative mapping, and generally a really solid James Bond flavor.

The Only Agent Left's missions also include lots of sidebars where the GM can ask the group questions to better flesh out the world, and the whole feeling of the game is collaborative and chaotic.

Overall, if you want a more lighthearted FIST game and/or an affectionate parody of the Bond movies in playable form, you should absolutely pick up a copy of this.


Thank you for the lovely feedback!

Thank you for writing the scenario!

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There are a ton of things I love about this module. The mid-century modern style and bright colors are exciting to see. The art evokes both the style and camp of classic spy fiction. 

Asymmetrical game design is very seldom attempted, and I was happy to see it in this module. The concept of a "star" agent and his over qualified sidekicks is perfect for creating interesting and fun dynamics between the players, but in "The Only Agent Left" it is also a mechanical difference which makes it fun for all types of players.

This two part adventure has many opportunities for the players to make meaningful choices. The flow chart style of the missions means that multiple playthroughs may unfold very differently. Even a total party wipe can be exciting when it opens new avenues for advancement. For a referee this means it can be played multiple times with different groups and still be exciting to run.

The mission gives you tons of great tools to use. Interesting enemies, loot and prizes, and tons of opportunities for your players to show off. On the other hand, sometimes the mission structure and player options can be a little hard to follow especially for beginner game masters. Having a few games under your belt will definitely help you have the most fun with this module.

All in all, this is a groovy fist op that can get any table smiling.

Thank you so much for the thoughtful feedback!