Big update and an actual play!

Hello all,

We've just released a significant update to the game that we've been chipping away at for the last few months.

This new version is a lot more streamlined, adds a new character sheet,  and has been changed to a text only, A6 version. The game now feels a lot more well rounded and easier to follow and we hope you all have fun exploring some new rivalries with your friends.

Another exciting update is that we now have an actual play of the game to share with you thanks to our good friend Tariq Khawaja.
Go check it out:

Let us know you have any feedback and have fun!

Dale & Peter


rivals.pdf 797 kB
Mar 31, 2022
rivals-spreads.pdf 793 kB
Mar 31, 2022
rival-character-sheets.pdf 12 kB
Mar 31, 2022
rival-character-sheets-custom-resolve.pdf 12 kB
Mar 31, 2022


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