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A game about two Rivals facing off in a final showdown - a battle filled with meaning, emotion, and  the resolve to push past your limits and reach for your goal. 

Two players collaboratively tell the story of a climactic showdown between two characters that are in conflict.  Their rivalry can be anything - A brave knight fighting a tyrannical dragon, a pair of super-powered fighters exchanging blows, or two competitive sport stars looking to outdo one another.


Although built on a player-vs-player (PvP) foundation, Rivals is not really about defeating the other player. Instead, the focus is on telling a story together, with players bouncing off each other to tell the tale of their final encounter, everything that led up to it, and what happens when the battle is over.


You will need two players, a bunch of six-sided dice (d6), writing materials, character sheets (optional) and snacks.

The game is designed to last one session and takes around two hours. 



Rivals was built using the Vis-A-Vis SRD by Huge Boar Games  and was created for the vis-a-vis PvP Jam.

RIVALS is an independent production by Arcane Atlas Games and is not affiliated with Max Lander or Huge Boar Games.


Buy Now$6.00 USD or more

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oh this was a fantastic read. I hope I can try it soon 

We’re glad you enjoyed it! Let us know how it goes when you get a chance to play.