AUTOMATA Early Access is now live!

The Early Access Edition of AUTOMATA is now live and we have begun our first ever itchfunding campaign to help us fund the full version!

Peter and I have been working hard to get this game to a point that we were happy to share with everyone and we're excited that we can share it with you now! The Early Access Edition is ready to play right away and currently contains:

- The cores rules

- 6 Playable Hero Models

- A d66 table of Upgrade Abilities

- A Starter Adventure, with pre-generated enemies

Purchasing this edition will allow us to continue the games development and will allow us to invest in making it something great. We'll be using the funds we raise to develop the game further, pay for an artist to create some engaging cover art, pay for additional artwork and content, and pay ourselves for the work that we're putting into.

We really hope that you'll enjoying playing the game and have a great time. 

If you do play AUTOMATA, please  let us know they think and help us to make the game better and better!

Thanks to everyone in the Lumen scene for all of their support, especially the folks in the Lux Collective and over in the Gila RPG Discord, who have been an amazingly supportive and a really creative bunch of people to get to know.


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Jul 09, 2021


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