Revised Goal & A Digital Character Sheet

Hey everyone, 

We have a few announcements to share about the project. 


An image of the six different models from the game.

First of all, we've decided to revise our funding goal. Since we set our initial goal, Peter and I have been doing a considerable amount of work on the game and we've managed to fulfil a few of our initial goals, such as art for each of the Bots, which we managed to use to create our cover art. As a result, we our reducing our funding goal now to $500, which will allows to not only pay ourselves for our work, but also allow us to continue to add additional art and content to the game. 


Secondly, we've been working on our website and are happy to announce the launch of our digital character sheet for AUTOMATA.

A picture of the digital character sheet for the game AUTOMATA. The sheet depicts a series of abilities that the play can use, as well as trackers for their stats, such as Health, Energy, and Sparks

The sheet will allow you to toggle between the different Bot Models and Upgrade Abilities, as well as track your Health, Energy, and Sparks. We hope you find it helpful when you play and lookout for a printable character sheet coming in the near future.

You can find the character sheet here:

Thanks again to everyone that has taken a look at the project and Happy Monday!

Dale and Peter


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