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SUSPECT is a catch-em out game of character creation, memory and mystery. A crime has been committed, and you have to work together to create and then solve it.


The Suspect 2E: Unsolved Cases Jam is live until 2024-04-08! Create a tricky case, wild optional rules or your own entire game.

Unsolved Cases: Suspect 2E Jam


In Suspect the players take it in turns to play as the investigator and the suspects. The investigator asks questions and the suspects answer, building an ever more complicated web of events. As the suspects slip up and make mistakes the investigator challenges them until they finally accuse the culprit.


  • 2-player focused, gm-less TTRPG
    • Rules adaptations to support 3+ players
  • Optional rules - time limited mode, online play tips
  • Flamingo Misfortune - a starter case
    • With timeline and suspect notes handouts
  • Shiny new layout
  • A creator kit - make your own cases!
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AuthorArcane Atlas Games
TagsCrime, Detective, Mystery, Tabletop, Tabletop role-playing game


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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(2 edits)

As I mentioned elsewhere, these rules confused the heck out of me until I read the 1e rules.

Consider this rule from 1e:

Very clear. Then this from 2e:

Without the context from 1e, this made absolutely no sense. Why would the game require you to accuse two suspects? What happens when you accuse the first one? 

Eventually this is sort of covered in 2e... In this weirdly terse rule. 

Like, it was completely unclear to me that checking if I'm done meant "Is this the second suspect?" until I read the superior 1e phrasing of the rule. 

Other issues include collapsing "rumors" and "statements" into "leads" in a way that makes it completely unclear how they work. It doesn't help that the example on p. 6 of 2e doesn't explain whether all of the example is one Investigator turn, two, or three. (The 1e "move" phrasing makes this much clearer.)

Really, in a lot of ways the 2e rules read less like a second edition and more like a quick reference for the first edition... except it's longer despite being more terse and less clear.

And the longer, less clear version costs $4. 

I wish I understood the choices here. I acually like this game, now that I've read the 1e rules! Reminds me of Brindlewood Bay. 


Thank you for the feedback, we’ll keep those points in mind for future projects. We’re glad you enjoy 1e.

R.e. the ‘crack the case’ section in 2e - that is a slight mistake that we’ll correct, it is intended to be up to the players when they want to end the game instead of after 2 suspects every time.